Practice Areas

We provide each client with comprehensive legal advice in all areas according to the client's needs.

Below you can find some examples of services which we offer and regularly provide in the various branches of Czech law. Such list neither is nor can be exhaustive. We assess the situation of each client individually and recommend a suitable solution in order to make the legal advice effective.

Civil and Commercial Relationships

  • Consultancy in all areas of civil and commercial law
  • Drafting of contracts and unilateral legal acts
  • Advising clients in negotiations with business partners
  • Recovery of debts through civil lawsuits
  • Legal services in personal injury compensation
  • Legal services in matters of personality rights and protection of good name and reputation
  • Advice in competition law, including antitrust regulations and unfair competition

Immovable Property / Real Estate

  • Comprehensive legal services related to sale, purchase and lease of land, buildings and structures of all kinds, residential and non-residential units and other residential and commercial premises
  • Comprehensive legal advice in real estate development and in creation of residential and non-residential units in buildings
  • Legal services in respect of encumbrances, mortgages, liens and easements and unfinished restitution proceedings
  • Representation in proceedings before cadastral authorities
  • Escrow of money and documents for settlement of various transactions

Business Companies and Cooperatives

  • Drafting and assembling of all documents related to the establishment of companies or their branches, subsequent corporate changes, mergers, spin-outs and other transformations and liquidations, to sessions of General Meetings and other corporation governing bodies and to registrations in the Commercial Register
  • Legal advice related to acquisitions of Czech companies, including the carrying out of a legal due diligence of contractual documentation and personal and property aspects of the target company
  • Drafting of contracts regarding transfer of shares in business companies and cooperatives
  • Drafting and reviewing of contracts for members of corporation governing bodies and management

Insolvency and Bankruptcy

  • Complex legal services in insolvency (bankruptcy) proceedings
  • Representation of creditors in the enforcement of their claims through insolvency (bankruptcy) proceedings, including among others representation in meetings of creditors' assemblies or committees and in associated lawsuits regarding the existence, amount and ranking of claims and other bankruptcy issues


  • Legal advice in all matters related to securities, particularly shares in companies, promissory notes and bills of exchange
  • Legal services for investment funds

Intellectual Property

  • Legal advice in all aspects of rights of authors (copyright) and other associated rights and preparation of the related licences and contracts
  • Protection of industrial property, representation of clients in proceedings before the Industrial Property Office and the Office of Harmonization for the Internal Market

Information Technologies

  • Comprehensive legal advice for providers of information society services, particularly websites operators and other professionals in this field

Labour Law

  • Consultations on problematic issues of labour law
  • Complex legal services for employers in individual and collective employment relationships, drafting of contracts, internal directives and acts leading to termination of employment
  • Legal advice in employment disputes for both employers and employees

Litigation and Arbitration

  • Representation of clients in lawsuits before courts of all levels, including also the constitutional complaint proceedings held before the Constitutional Court
  • Representation of clients in arbitration proceedings

Administrative Law

  • Advice in matters of administrative law according to the clients' needs, in particular in matters of planning and building regulations, competition, trade licences etc.
  • Representation of clients in proceedings before public authorities, including the judicial review of their decisions

Criminal Law

  • Representation of clients as the harmed parties in criminal proceedings, in particular regarding offences of economic nature or against property
  • Criminal defence in selected cases